29 October 2019
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

The intensity of the environmental movement and the requirement to house many millions of new urbanites have intersected to make mass timber a more viable option for tall building construction than ever before. Manufacturers, architects, engineers and contractors are racing to find creative ways to cost-effectively and safely build taller mass timber buildings than have been constructed historically. A number of advances in the connection systems, manufacturing supply chain, and new requirements for net-zero offices are driving tall timber at greater heights and volumes than ever before. Three fascinating presentations lend a new clarity to the pace and shape of change in this dynamic market.

Session Chair: Richard Lee
Technical Manager, Multiplex, London
Shiling Pei
Associate Professor, Colorado School of Mines, Denver
Hannes Blaas
CEO, Rothoblaas USA, New York City
Sobhy Masoud
Principal, Stephenson Engineering Ltd., Toronto